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Digital Pratik

About Digital Pratik

Can Digital Pratik really do JorrDaar Branding to build JorrDaar Businesses?

Digital Pratik is the founder, creator & operator at JorrParivar where Digital Pratik & his gang are doing JorrDaar Branding to build JorrDaar Businesses.

Apart from being the best employee (hard working CEO/Operator) of JorrParivar, Digital Pratik is a 33-year-old, smiling practical dude, 3 times college dropout forever turned into a practical practitioner of life & the Indian Romeo of building a successful & powerful personal brand by applying branding & marketing strategies which work in the now.

🎙 He has been a podcast host since October 2017 for “Digital Pratik Reloaded” on Blockchain, DeFi, NFTs, Branding & Marketing with 900+ episodes & 600,000+ downloads.

But all of this didn’t happen overnight.

It took him 12 long years to reach where he is today & he still feels as if he has only done 1% of the things which he wants in his life.

He started working at the age of 21 as a college dropout at a call center job.