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16th — 31st Jan 2023 | 24x7x365 EveryDay PracticaLity

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The “24x7x365 Everyday Practicality” BOOK IS FINALLY HERE! — my first ever book!!!

You can pre order now on Amazon using this direct link >>

As the title suggests, this book is all about mastering practical strategies for your daily life.

This book will help you go from feeling overwhelmed and out of control to living a life full of balance with 100% PRACTICALITY in various segments of your life.

You’ll learn how to make practical choices that will lead to a more open-minded perspective in your personal and professional life, as well as how to manage your own time better with more productivity & growth in life.

You’ll also get an understanding of the psychology behind everyday decisions and how to apply them for your own best benefit.

In this book, I’ll be sharing experiences from my own personal and professional journey over the past 12 years, from 2010–2022.

You can pre order now on Amazon using this direct link >>

All those secrets that have enabled me to live a life with a practical mindset, personally and professionally!

But that’s not all.

As you all know, JorrParivar NFT holders have a never ending and multiple perks incoming since the launch of the project in Aug 2021.

And here’s another exclusive perk (utility) for all JorrParivar hodlers.

Let me explain in this 12 min video:

Quick update before you watch the video 👇

Wherever I have mentioned 15 books, consider it to be 12 books.
Wherever I have mentioned 19 books, consider it to be 15 books.

Love reading?

Here’s the textual explanation of the entire video 👇

24x7x365 Everyday Practicality is finally set to launch, and per order starts from January 16th, 2023.

From January 16th till January 31st, you can pre-order the book on Amazon at a huge discounted price.

And trust me, a book with 123 practical lessons & 464 pages that will help you master practical strategies for your JorrDaar life at such a good price, will be a no-brainer DEAL! —

To share this joy with my readers, I have something extra special for EVERYONE!

If you’re a holder of JorrParivar NFT (or even if you are not!), then you’re in luck.

I have exclusive perks and bonuses lined up for all of you.

MAKE SURE TO READ this article UNTIL THE END TO LEARN ABOUT THE PERKS IN DETAIL for JorrParivar NFT holders & non-holders too!

First things first, I’ll be conducting a 3-hour live session on in January 2023.

This session will be 3 hours of non-stop Q/A session exclusively for holders of the JorrParivar NFT (snapshotted on 12th Jan, 7pm IST)

To be a part of this session, all you have to do is fill up this form.

My gang (team) will then manually go through all the forms and send a private and exclusive VIP link for the live session to all eligible participants.

This link will be sent to your email before our Live call.

If you attend the live session and are holding JorrParivar NFT, you will get a chance to claim one free copy of my book.

This session or opting for extra perks (as a JorrParivar NFT holder) won’t be available again, so don’t miss the LIVE session!

For 3 straight hours, you will get a chance to ask your question one by one.

However, the video will also be streamed live on YouTube during the session for others to watch, but the exclusivity and the “free copy claim” offer, will be for JorrParivar NFT holders only.

Let’s understand the GENERAL BONUS, if you pre-order between 16th — 31st Jan, which is applicable to everyone (JorrParivar holders + non holders):

#01: Surprise bonuses with all orders:

With your pre-order copy, you will receive multiple surprises with the book. Additional surprises may include:

✅ creative bookmarks
✅ affirmation cards
✅ movie tickets
✅ Growth School courses
✅ God in a Box of Scenes By Avalon
✅ Access to inner circles

and many more additional surprises if you order during pre-order dates.

#02: Multiple copies offer:

Pre order 5 books (approx Rs. 2500), and you will get the following for FREE.

  • 1 JorrParivar NFT (which is valued at 0.05 ETH, i.e., Rs. 5000, as per today’s market price)

Pre order 12 books (approx Rs. 6000) and you will get the following for FREE.

  • 1 JorrParivar NFT (which is valued at 0.05 ETH, i.e., Rs 5000, as per today’s market price)
  • My training program, “Marketing Your Business In The Now,” which has over 25+ hours of marketing content (worth Rs. 5000)
  • So, to sum up, with an investment of approx Rs. 6000, you are receiving a bonus worth Rs. 10,000.

Pre order 15 books (approx Rs. 7500) and you will get the following for FREE.

  • 1 JorrParivar NFT (which is valued at 0.05 ETH, i.e., Rs 5000, as per today’s market price)
  • My training program, “Marketing Your Business In The Now,” which has over 25+ hours of marketing content (worth Rs. 5000)
  • Exclusive access to JorrDaar Inner Circle (JDIC) annual membership (worth Rs. 25,000 / year). JDIC is basically a closed group of community with 27 members while writing this and when I say closed community, that doesn’t mean just the number of people but the number of business discussions happening from various different industries. Every Monday 7pm IST, we sit together on a zoom call for at least an hour or 2, to learn and implement the important lessons happening in their businesses (in-depth) and how I can help them with generating leads or even set up their marketing strategies. I also give exclusive practical tasks for their business branding & marketing. And in case you miss out on the calls, you will get instant replays and, with that and a telegram group where I share important, valuable lessons too.
  • So, to sum up, with the investment of Rs. 7000, you are receiving a bonus worth Rs. 35,000!

So remember: If you are currently/already holding a JorrParivar token (as per 12th Jan, 7pm IST snapshot):

  • You will get to attend the 3 hours of LIVE SESSION & ask questions.
  • You will be able to claim 1 FREE copy of the book DURING the LIVE SESSION (if you attend)
  • Since you will be getting a chance to claim 1 FREE COPY from attending the live session, you will now need only 4 books (for 5 books offer) or 11 books (for 12 books offer), or 14 books (for 15 books offer) in the 3 multiple copy offer.
  • Even if you don’t order multiple copies, you will still be eligible for the multiple surprises with the book.

Trust me, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and my community knows once they are part of my community, they will keep receiving more than 100% value-based content and practical lessons.

The best part about each of these BONUSES is that they are all worth more than the amount you will pay to pre-order the book.

You can pre order now on Amazon using this direct link >>

What’s even more exciting is that every JorrParivar NFT holder has every time got an opportunity to enjoy perks and various bonuses because JorrParivar is a never ending utility-based NFT project!!

So, don’t wait; set reminders in your calendar to pre-order the 24x7x365 Everyday Practicality on January 16th, 2023.

Again, if you are a JorrParivar holder, please make sure to FILL out THIS FORM & be eligible to get the link for the live session.

This journey of 24x7x365 Everyday Practicality is a life-changing one and I’m so excited to have you with me on this JorrDaar practical journey !!!

Pre order on Amazon now >>