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44th Edition of 143 Marketing Newsletter by digitalpratik

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Alright! Now let’s get into the newsletter 🙋‍♂

🚀 It’s all about “Using CALL OUT strategy inside your Retargeting Ads.”

Here’re how I have recently used it:

Here’s the result so far on day 1:

It’s 44.83 ROAS.

Now obviously it might decrease (or may increase as well) but the point is try using this ad template for your business & see the results.

Marketing = Never stop experimenting!

That’s all for today’s marketing segment :)

Time to jump onto the 2nd segment ⬇️

📝 Here are 4 valuable posts for you:

Hope these posts brought value to you today.

  • Screenshot your favorite tweet from the above 4 tweets.
  • Post that screenshot on Twitter.
  • Tag the person whose tweet you loved & make him/her more happy today.

That’s all for today’s posts’ segment :)

Time to jump onto the 3rd segment ⬇️

✅ 3 questions to ask yourself to find your passion practically:

  1. What activities do I enjoy doing in my free time?
  2. What causes or issues am I deeply passionate about and would like to support or make a difference in?
  3. What skills and talents do I possess that I would like to utilize and improve in a career or personal endeavor?

Hope these questions bring an inch of value for your life growth :)

That’s all for now.

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Until next time: ​Jo bhi karo, JorrDaar karo 🙋‍♂️

~ Digital Pratik | The Authentic Communicator
Learning Applying & Sharing Practical Marketing
With “24x7x365 EveryDay PracticaLity” Mindset

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