How to Prepare Your Business for a Solid Brand in 2032?

This is Revolutionising Business & IP building Concepts.

Digital Pratik
5 min readSep 8, 2022


From a single layer of business to now multiple layers of business.

From only 1 personal brand/IP called Digital Pratik to now 22 registered IPs.

From no verticals of business to now 22 and more verticals in business.

That’s how JorrParivar as an NFT project has changed the concept of building any business for me.

We are just an year old brand as JorrParivar and we already have executed on a lot of things.

Infact, I had already shared in 2021 about how JorrParivar will evolve in the next decade:

I see JorrParivar not just as an NFT project but also as a business model which can be applied to anything and everything.

It’s gonna be emotionally connecting with Indians on a whole another level in the next decade. Mark my words!

The idea of JorrParivar is very simple.

We are building a network of businesses which are all connected with each other and form an ecosystem.

This ecosystem is connected with community members who help in the growth of each other.

Glimpse of exclusive JorrParivar NFT holders event called JorrDaar Event from June 2022

JorrParivar holders have already got a lot of benefits from holding the token.

And now as we go into a phase where we are expanding and adding more businesses to the ecosystem, the benefits will only get better.

There are many projects which came into the market with a lot of hype and now they are facing problems.

The reason is that they did not have a solid business model.

They were just trying to sell NFTs & focused too much on Artwork.

Still in 2022, there are people who think NFTs should have good art work.

What they are missing is CONSUMER BLOCKCHAIN understanding & the part where you can upgrade smart contracts with utilities forever.

While majority are busy doing that, I have considered my NFT project as a business brand where we would be building contextual IPs which gets connected emotionally with Indians.

They were just riding on the hype and speculation.

I am here for something long-term & I will have a very strong foundation.

And that is what JorrParivar is doing.

We are laying the foundations of a very strong ecosystem which can sustain any situation.

The thing with JorrParivar is that we are not just building businesses, we are also building a community.

And this community is very important for the growth of JorrParivar.

And that’s where we have NFT utilities like monthly zoom calls for 3 years, one on one consulting calls for 1 year & so much more!

I genuinely believe that NFTs should only accelerate your growth.

Not be your sole business model.

NFTs are another way of branding & marketing businesses.

Bookmark this comprehensive detailed super long thread for better understanding:

You can also watch these videos to learn more:

You can learn more about the benefits of holding JorrParivar NFTs in the form of events here >> Sharing the live example of JorrDaar Event.

And guess what’s coming in the now & near future?

The IP “JorrDaar Event” is now gonna evolve into so many different things over the next decade just like the word “JorrDaar” evolved into JorrDaar Event.

One of those evolutions is “JorrDaar Marketing Event”

First of which is happening within a closed group of 50–100 people only IRL on 10th Sep 2022.

Basically: JorrDaar Event will now be a 3 hours version in marketing segment called JorrDaar Marketing Event which would expand into different cities soon & JorrParivar NFT hodlers would get special discount & offers on these kinda events & much more!

[Update on JorrDaar Marketing Event here >>]

One of the many Perks of attending these events as a JorrParivar hodler would be: If you have any queries post these kinda events or want to discuss it with me, you can always use Bronze, Silver or Gold calls of JorrParivar utility.

Now that’s where this is just the beginning of expanding utilities for JorrParivar over the next decade.

This is one of the many BUSINESS OPERATIONS which I have been ideating, implementing & then getting busy yet productive in the last few weeks.

Stay tuned.



Take a second and ask yourself:

  1. What am I not doing well?
  2. What’s actually my fault that I’m blaming others for?
  3. What am I blaming my parents or some circumstance for that’s actually my fault because I can do something about it?

And then, smile about it and realise that it doesn’t make you a bad person…

It makes you a JorrDaar person!


Comment on this article with your genuine question.

I will definitely read it.

However, I want to be 100% honest & transparent with you that due to my extreme tight schedule where I might be executing on new strategies to build JorrDaar IPs for JorrParivar, I might not be able to revert back to every single comment.

But I will definitely read them all & will try to include them in the form of answers in some or the other future piece of content.

That’s all for now.

Until next time:
Jo bhi karo, JorrDaar karo 🙋‍♂️

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