📖 Your Book Bonus Has Arrived 🎉

5 Steps to claim your surprising bonuses!

Hello you awesome beautiful people.

Hope you are having a lovely time, hope you are doing amazingly JorrDaar in your life.

As you might know, I recently launched my 1st ever book, “24x7x365 EveryDay PracticaLity”, which is not just a book but a MINDSET to live by 24x7x365.

All those secrets from my past 12 years of working career that have enabled me to live a life with a practical mindset, personally and professionally, are now inside my book!

The book is now available for you to purchase directly on Amazon>>

And if you are following me on Instagram or Twitter, you might as well know that a LOT of people have already started receiving the book and also started reading them.

Here are a few screenshots which my book buyers have shared on social media:

And as you can see, with the book copy they have also received 3 exclusive & surprising bonuses 👇

1.) Creative Bookmark

2.) JorrDaar Smiling Affirmation Card

3.) Awesomeness Card

Now as you can see, many readers have shared a screenshot of the AWESOMENESS CARD filled with their name, date & more.

Why are they sharing & what are these Awesomeness Cards?

So first things first: This is how they look like 👇

Awesomeness card is an initiative to spread more smiles upon receiving product deliveries from Digital Pratik’s brand.

This card is designed in such a way that it brings joy to your face as well as your best friend’s face.

We often forget to say thanks or express our feeling to a person who is so special.

And that’s why this every Awesomeness Card consists of a task where you have to write your Best Friend’s name and mention 3 awesome things about him/her.

The fun doesn’t end here!!!

If you follow the below steps, you can claim 1 MORE SURPRISING BONUS!!!

Here is a 5 step guide on how you can claim 1 more surprising bonus (even if you have ordered 1 book):

Step 1: Once you receive your book & your awesomeness card inside it, write the name of your best friend and mention 3 awesome things about him/her. Write your name & date on the top of the card.

Step 2: Click a picture of that card, post on Twitter and tag @digitalpratik & @247365edpl in your Twitter post. Example shown below 👇

Step 3: After you tweet, I will “quote tweet” your tweet with a contextual message and you will receive a DM from me with a link to the google form as shown below.

Step 4: Fill out the google form and MAKE SURE to include the SCREENSHOT of the DM/our conversation. (Yes, so no one can cheat ;))

Step 5: As soon as you fill out the form, you will receive an email with the Subject line: “📖 Your Book Bonus Has Arrived 🎉”. The email will have all the details from your google form entry + it would have instructions to claim 1 more surprising bonus.

Now let’s talk about people who have ordered multiple copies:

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to claim 1 major bonus (even if you have ordered sets of 5, 12 or 15 books):

Here are all the details on major bonuses which people would be getting if they have pre ordered between 16th — 31st Jan 2023.

Click here to learn everything about those pre order offers for multiple book orders >>

Now if you have ordered multiple copies then you have to follow the same 5 steps which are mentioned above.

Only 1 thing will be different for you 👇

If you have ordered multiple copies in sets of 5 (or 12 or 15) then make sure you take one single photo of all books along with 1 Awesomeness card filled & then upload the photo link in the google form.

And if you are 1 of those 36 lucky JorrParivar holders who attended that 18th Jan LIVE SESSION (and got eligible for 1 free copy), you will have to take a photo of 4 (or 11 or 14) books in one photo along with 1 Awesomeness card filled & then upload the photo link in the google form.

Those 36 lucky JorrParivar holders are mentioned below:

Exceptional PIN CODE problem case:

If your pincode didn’t allow you to order multiple in 1 order, then also it’s fine. Here’s what you need to do: Fill up the google form once but enter all your order IDs in the Order ID field. And take 1 single photo of all books along with 1 awesomeness card. Rest of the process is same.

So to sum up: Whosoever will share this Awesomeness Card with all the information on Twitter will receive a google form in their Twitter DM & he/she will be eligible to claim 1 MORE SURPRISING BONUS.

Trust me, this is not something to miss out on!!

I have automated the whole process so make sure to follow the steps properly to receive your bonus!

2 things will happen here:

  1. You will express that gratitude for your best friend, who may be there for you but you might have never got a chance to express it. So this would add & spread more kindness & gratitude on social media.
  2. And since you will be practicing awesome gratitude, my reward for you will be in the form of 1 MORE SURPRISING BONUS for your effort.

That’s all for now.

If you have any issues or queries or questions regarding this bonus claiming process then tweet your question on Twitter & use #AskDigitalPratik !!!

And if you want to learn more about all my Free + Paid content, then visit this page here >>



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